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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/23/00

Replying to LO24648 --

Jan Lelie, in reply to Morty Lefkoe, wrote:

> a prophet in a certain land doesn't believe any prophet in that land.
>Will he believe himself?

Greetings Jan, i'd say you hit the Bull's Eye.

Let me try to refere to the question as concrete as i can, even if
originally, logicians put a full stop at the end of the famous barber
paradox, or any of the kind ... after all this prohet either believes, or
doesn't believe himself.

Will the prophet, who doesn't believe in any prophet in his land, believe

It depends on the prophet.

I think he shouldn't - this prophet shouldn't believe himself.

This prophet should continuously question himself (his prophecy) and
evenly question other's prophecies. i'm not preaching moralty (do thy
friend ...) but rather integrity.

OK, OK, i know it's nothing but theory:
Logicians posed the problem (paradox) - We have to live with it.
Well... Chaque un ... in his unique style to resist change.
Peace to all,

Judy Tal

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