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From: Ian Saunders (
Date: 05/24/00

Replying to LO24658 --

Winifried writes about rational and irrational fear...

I like the 4 stages to deal with the fears and anxieties connected with

However I have to say that I stopped short when I read "the appropriate
method for overcoming irrational fear is the 'kick up the ass'"

For me [personally] this is rarely an appropriate method. I don't
typically respond to this 'metaphorical kick'. Encouragement, even if it
needs to be given assertively is better [there is the possibility that we
have a slight language problem here and Winifried does not mean an
aggressive kick as the only method]

For sure something needs to be done to help the person past their fear of
starting. In my experience this needs to be done in a way that matches the
individuals style. I find the "Drivers" from the Transactional Analysis
body of knowledge helpful here. There are 5 drivers, Be perfect, Hurry up,
Please people, Try hard and Be strong [largely self explanatory from their
names]. Matching the 'kick' to these drivers has a better chance of
getting the individuals past their irrational fear.

Certainly resistance to change is often driven by fear of one kind or
another. This fear is often, in my experience about people not wishing to
appear vulnerable or out of control. So giving people the opportunity to
go through the 4 stages, or something similar may help remove the
irrational fear at the same time.

Ian Saunders
Transition Partnerships
'Harnessing change for business advantage'

-- (Ian Saunders)

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