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From: Sandy Wells (
Date: 05/24/00

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Greetings all,

This post reminded me of the work that Will Schutz has done regarding
interaction with others/needs/wants/potential. He has expanded his
thinking on FIRO theory to explore the fundamental roots in all of us in
his Human Element work. Specifically his inquiry explores:
            what are you afraid of?
            what makes you feel significant?
            what choices do you make to deal with the fear and significant

Will's book is entitled The Human Element, Productivity, Self-Esteem, and
the Bottom Line, Jossey Bass, 1994.

Sandy Wells

> Roy asked:
> >When there is resistance to change, is it caused by rational or
> >irrational
> >fears?
> Isn't fear first of all just that: fear? It will contain rational and
> irrational elements. A method to deal with the rational elements would be
> to do all so that the proposed change get
> 1) real consensus by all affected that it is an
> 2) implementable
> 3) improvement with
> 4) all thought of negative side effects addressed and eliminated or


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