"I would believe only in a god who could dance." Nietzsche. Thus Spake Zarathustra LO24690

From: Rick Parkany (rparkany@borg.com)
Date: 05/27/00

Replying to LO24688 --

     "I would believe only in a god who could dance. And when I saw my
     devil I found him serious, thorough, profound, and solemn: it was the
     spirit of gravity--though him all things fall.

     Not by wrath does one kill but by laughter. Come, let us kill the
     spirit of gravity!"

     Nietzsche. Thus Spake Zarathustra: First Part

Hey! Andrew: lighten up...

...IMHL(istening): I hear you speaking from so many dictionaries and word
books--I've eight of them here in front of me checking your taxology of
*S*-words. Of course, in my nudging post to At, I referred directly to his
*authentic* beliefs as composed in his own unique cultural setting from
within a metaphor across which he sought to refine Winfried's sense of
*beliefs*; a quite particular thing, indeed, it was, my nudging...

...Accordingly, I was speaking from the *linguistic* tradition of study
and IT's wordbooks--a subset of Neitzsche's domain of interest: philology
(the study and inquiry concerning intertextuality). Just to consider your
advice to me concerning *semiotics (your etymology of *semeilogy* escapes
me and transmogrifies my whole account--you wrote: *Semiotics [now more
properly Semeilogy] is, as in medicine "Study of symptoms of disease."
;-?), please visit this site...

      The Media and Communication Studies Site :

...and then reconsider my last posting, if you would.

Accordingly, I rejoin w/your mimicking Zaratustra:

     *Physician heal thyself*--
     and, better still, Andrew,
     *Get the diagnosis right before entering the operating theatre!*

So far as pulling YOUR words apart, the only thing YOURS on this side of
the grave is YOUR body, and I'll pretty much stay clear of THAT, Andrew.
Meanwhile, let's continue the Murmuring in this Great Utterance
gathered-To-gether without regard for either who owns words or whose
meaning is imputed across them--but I'm telling you right now, the
*meaning* or *semiotics* of words is not *in words*, but *in between
them*. You might be happy to jump about in your transcendental ego,
Andrew, shouting that great *TallyHo!* of idealism:

     *To the things, themselves*

But, not I, Andrew, I prefer my embodied flesh and all its historic
trappings. Nope, I see meaning as the space in between usage: and that is
a dialogical, not logical exchange, my friend. I'm even less a fan of
intellectual copyright laws than I am of of John Locke, Andrew. But, why
don't you send me a few of *YOUR words* if you can find any of them
(please submit a registered pedigree, if possible) and I'll see what I can
*pull* out of them.

Meanwhile, I'll continue, along with all these others, in the midst of all
this alterity, to contributing sense to the senseless and to happily do so
in such good company... ;-} rap.

ACampnona@aol.com wrote:

> Dear Learners,
> In Resistance to Change LO24670 by Rick Parkany
> we are inFORMED carefully via a posting to At de Lange,
> >I urge you to include in your analyses that underpin your use of metaphor,
> >though, to consider that in *authentic* linguistic transactions, we have,
> >in addition to semantics and syntax (definition and grammar), semiotics
> >(sense or meaning).


> If this is how you pull OUR words 'apart' please, do NOT take up brain
> surgery <|;-)))))))))
> Your jovially,
> Andrew Campbell
> ACampnona@aol.com

[Host's Note: Rick and Andrew, if you want to continue this exchange, I'd
prefer you take it off-line. On the other hand, discussion of authentic
linguistic transactions would be just fine here. ..Rick]

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