Let IT Pass LO24711

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/30/00

Replying to LO24690

Dear Rick and Rick,

What the heck - for the fun of it then.

"Heaven gamergatroids."

I will resist any definition of the word "Heaven";-)

I don't think "gamergatroids" is a real word, so for fun and efficiency I
swiped it and got the MS Word Thesaurus and it presented the highlighted
option "game". Well, I think I know what a "game" is but back to the MS
Word Thesaurus anyway just for the fun. "resolute", "amusement",
"venture", "prey" and "prank". I think it is possible that the Thesaurus
took the only the first part of the whole word that maybe isn't a real
word (so far as I know) and used it as a kind of stem or 'cutting'.

Rick, I found your 'unique' posting to At interesting. I debated within
myself whether or not to not respond to it, exercise some 'manners' and
wait for At and maybe others to respond to it first and then reply or to
reply pretty much 'a la prima' as the painters say it. I chose a la prima.
Why? Because I found myself almost immediately involving myself in some
'self learning' as a result of your post. How? I recognised in the posting
something that was perhaps inconsequential to others but obviously more
consequential to me sort of 'in the moment' or 'in the (my) dance of
learning' one could say? I visited the web site you host/designed or
maintain and found there a veritable treasure chest of 'learning' or
'knowledge' whichever you prefer. I don't know how you would describe it,
a sort of virtual reference library? My thoughts then went back to the
post you wrote and I thought perhaps simplistically, this man must be
'resolute' to have compiled, organised, and presented such a domain. I
then thought about the way you has seemed to offer the readers definitions
of the terms. I wondered to add not detract, supplement not contradict,
enlarge not diminish by way of metaphor itself so to say.

I had no real leaning in my learning as to the 'interpretation' in the
moment at all. Though I do have an 'interest' in the word 'metaphor', as I
will explain perhaps another time. I did not as some might think go down
to some great 'bookshop that is Oxford', nor consult the largest
dictionary I could lay my hands on. I simply turned round and reached out
in the moment for the only Oxford standard reference dictionary I possess.
It happens to have my own name in it, but not for reasons one might
normally associate with "words";-) But, Rick ;-) I did not write the
meaning of ownership you ascribe to me in you mail of "YOUR" (mine) words
but I carefully wrote the term "OUR" words. Yours, mine and everyone

Anyhow, then I looked up the terms you quoted and merely transcribed what
that book (Oxford Illustrated Dictionary) which I made sure to reference
said. And still being in the 'game' mode I followed the little thread that
led to the meanings connected to "accidence", etc. And I found that
fascinating bit of self-learning. And somewhere in my brain/mind I reckon
a little voice said, why don't you venture at the 'risk' of becoming
temporarily 'prey' my 'playing' a little prank (can you not see a little
clown smiling, smiling, smiling at close with a remarking 'joviality'?)

(The addition of an "e" to "semiology" to become "semeilogy" escaped me
too; which is one reason why I followed the brief thread I did, in fact
just as I sit here I am wondering if the term "semen" has some connection,
perhaps someone can tell us about that;-))

I don't think we ought to enter into the body/mind dialectic here, now
today. I am sure you are right, if I read you to say that 'truth' lives
somewhere between shouting the great "TallyHo!" of 'materialism' with all
your collected spirit and me and maybe a few others on the planet shouting
the great "TallyHo!" of idealism from my collected body?

The next paragraph is written with the express hope that others reading
this post exchange, if Rick allows it to enter the 'Murmuring', will not
be put off by terms we used such as "surgery", "cutting" (mine) and yours
of my "grave";-(
It has been a part of my life's learning, academic and experiential that
it is often in states or phases of 'self-contraction' as well as play
(maybe they are connected too) that we can learn well. I too look for
what moves between words Rick. I noticed in the response to my other post
(re: a list of eminent practitioners of the terms common to you
contribution) that you address At and not me. Perhaps you would clarify
for me, if it were me alone who sees that as a significant event. Maybe
you were waiting for At and maybe I should have waited and been more

Purely speaking as a painter trained in that (another) way to see form and
content perhaps differingly I noticed how often it is in your reply that
you contradict yourself. Or perhaps just seem to in my limited
apprehension? You don't want to pull my (YOUR) words apart yet you tell me
the only thing mine (YOURS) is my body. You say you desire "let's" (we and
us) continue without regard for ownership of words or meanings imputed and
then next sentence you write "- but I'm telling you right now."

I think my post may have caused offence or hurt. If so I unreservedly
apologise to you in public here and now.

I do have a degree, but it does not have me;-) In fact I can put quite a
lot of 'letters' after my name. In fact I can put more letters after my
name than there are letters 'in' my nameā^Ą¦so much for letters;-)

In order that I obtained some of these, some even by accident, I had one
day to cross a 'picket line' of Oxford undergraduates to get the books I
had to buy for my coursework. I felt I owed them an explanation of my
actions, since they and I were 'about' the same age (I was twenty three
and entering full time 'higher education' for the first time having
studied on my own at Wolsey Hall, Oxford in the between working in order
that the regulations be satisfied) but nowhere near their academic equals.
I explained that I had studied continually one way and another for seven
straight years while working in menial unhappy occupations to get to walk
into 'Blackwells' and collect 'those' books on 'that' day. (I was once
even an 'evening servant' at Merton College, Oxford).

Their line was 'broken' to let me in. There is a good deal of symbolism
for me, in me, through that day.

You and I both know ;-) that many great authentic learners and expressers
were 'self contradictors'. So may I end with a friendly riposte and a
TallyHo! from the man with the great moustache himself and ask that all
our fellow 'murmurers' back reference to your learned posting's reference
directly upon reading this for expansion by way of comparison.

"In truth man is a polluted river. One must be a sea, to receive a
polluted river and not be defiled. - snip of just a few lines - What is
the greatest thing you can experience? It is your hour of the great
contempt. The hour in which your happiness grows loathsome to you, and
your reason and your virtue also."
Zarathustra's Prologue.

As we know, Nietzsche died alone and mad with syphilis.

I think along with Maturana that we do indeed 'live in languaging' and so
I am very keen to learn from all about words and the gaps in between, from
everywhere and anyone. My own greatest aid thus far on the journey is
serendipity (luck) perhaps aided by synchronicity.

In a copy of 'Thus Spake Zarathurstra' I am informed that he made play
with many words, these I found amusing today in our shared context. Denken
- to think, Bedenklitch -suspicious.

I am told by the author, "a neat play on word lost in the translation,"-
lost in the translation, lost in the translationā^Ą¦.

In my copy of the fifty-three notes appended, 90% are 'plays on words'
usually expansive by means of offering a contradiction.

Amusingly to end on a 'high note', a zesty Tally Ho!

"Hinterweltler" is a coinage meaning those believing in an after life. It
gains force from its similarity to the word "Hinterwaldler" meaning

I Hinterwaddleoff now.

Cheerio "pip pip!"


Andrew Campbell

PS. Just by way of experiment if you believe that the meaning of words
resides in between them between them then if i wrote someone a letter with
just the word LOVE written therein it could mean nothing in the
materialist sense you imply to prefer. I really would appreciate your
clarity on that. My reason for asking is connected to some other learning
about wholeness, Leibnitz, synchronicity, and monads as windowless
entities sharing a common field...you will understand the connection
better than most?



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