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Date: 10/19/00

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Dear At

> I agree. I used to draw such flow charts (I prefer to call them
> "becoming-being diagrams") on paper. But it takes a lot of time so that I
> learned how to do them mentally. Lately with my diabetes condition I
> discovered how dangerous such a mentality is. I do not have the physical
> free energy to keep up such a mental chart for hours any more before
> fading sets in.

I am very sad to hear that you have diabetes and now I understand you so
much better now. In another life that seems so distant now, I used to have
a healing practice. I also understand why you feel that your energy drains
away. I am also beginning to understand why you have mentioned certain
things, and why I felt that you were often trying to control. Hence my
last note in one of the threads. And there is a reason you do not have
free energy. I am not so sure it is as complex as you think.

This is what one of my teachers said about diabetes and its causes and new
thought patterns that one needs to create, visualize or repeat.

the probable causes:
The Longing for what might might have been, A great need to control, a deep
sorrow and no sweetness left

new thought patterns that one needs to create, visualize or repeat: This
moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of

In our dis-ease lies the answer to our personal life our unique experience
of the world. It is our algedonic signal that tells us what is "going on"
for each individual. It is where I found my pain and faced it that
liberated me, but that is me.



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