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From: Pixie Delite (pixie_delite@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/24/00

Replying to LO25499 --

Hi. My name is Joy and I am currently doing my thesis for my Masters in
systems thinking. However, i must warn you that my thoughts reflected by
what i say here (or usually anywhere in life) is totally my own doing -
that is - no one is to blame for my ridiculous train of thoughts hahaha.

What is structure in a system?
Structure is to a system as communication is to a thought.

Just like a thought, a system is born of the present in reflection of the
past and in wait of the tomorrow. All this at a given time and space. And
just like a communication, structure is what is created as a result of the
thought/system coming into being. One is the creator of the other. It is
the very premise in which the thought/system can be actualised to us as
humans outside the etherial realms of the 'spirit'.

In terms of real analysis (brings back horrific flash backs of days i was
doing my physics hons.), the thought/system is the necessary condition for
A thought/system is always bounded by communication/structure as one fathers
the other out of a necessary but not sufficient condition. That means theres
more needed than just communication/structure to make a thought/system work.

Structure can never be defined just like a system cannot be.
My fav. Hesienberg is back again. Let me explain (or rather attempt to)
By the time you define a thought=thought1, the time T(0) at which the
thought occured has elapsed and taken a new form as thought2 at time T(1).
Similarily as soon as the system=system1 is defined it has evolved into
system2 thus not the same system anymore.
However, since communication1 delivered at T(1) is really about thought1 and
not thought2, it is not the appropriate communication for the thought!
Same goes for structure.

So what is structure for a system - it is a tool that is used to increase
the efficiency and effectiveness of a system if it has to work for more than
one person. Just like communication is to thought.

hope that made sense. am actually working as a temporary help as a
receptionist this morning (yes thats how a student keeps money coming in and
have enough time to study for what i really have a passion for. am working
here only for today and in the time inbetween thought i'd answer some more
of these real interesting mails)

Your second question - Is it (structure i assume) visible, invisible or

Communication in itself - e.g. speech is not visible in its own right but
its properties and effects can be - e.g. we hear sound in a certain language
and tone etc. If the communication is in braille - we can see and feel it
but not hear it. Thus different communications have differing visibility
properties. A hug is visible and yet not really. You can see the act of it
but not the actual noun of it.

Structure is just like that. You can see it manifest itself in the way
things are done or actions are executed but not really touch it or see it.
In other cases you can definitely see it - e.g. a system comprising of a
stack of something or the other in a certain way - molecules...you can see
the structure to it. or a snowflake...you can see it.

Once again, the visibility of the structure is dictated by the type of
system (just like communication by the kind and means used to convey the
thought) and what is viable for the system as structure. Then theres the
level of structure we can talk about. Some are visible and some are more
personal like human societal structures etc.

Is it formal or informal or both? - next question.

Well depends which system its working for! just like communication!
depends what type of thought and who to and in environment it is to be
delivered. Keeping in mind that the same thought can be delivered in many
ways depending on the immeidate environment and what it calls for.

Same for structure. The system may be structured in different ways. All
one has to do is to be able to access the environment the system has to be
actualised in - that will dictate what type of structure is required.

hope this dope was of some help!

Joy Vatsyayann
BSc Physic Hons (III), BSc Biology (Genetics Majors),
PGDip. in Management Systems,
Masters in Management Systems (current)
Waikato University
New Zealand



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