What is Structure LO25540

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@att.net)
Date: 10/26/00

Replying to David Wilkinson in LO25499 --

>My question is - What is structure in a system? Is it visible, invisible
>or both? Is it formal or informal or both? What is it?

Several others have already responded to this but I think what I'm about
to say is sufficiently different as to warrant going ahead.

To me, "structure" (in anything, including systems,) has three components.
First, there are the elements that make up the system. Second, are the
connections between and among these elements. Third, are the
relationships that exist between and among the elements by way of their
connections. Elements, connections and relationships; these are the stuff
of structure.

Example: Profit is an element in many companies' financial system. For
simplicity's sake, let's define it as the difference between revenue and
expenses. Mathematically (or arithmetically -- take your pick), P = R - E

A diagram could be (and commonly is) drawn similar to the crude effort

. Revenue

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