What is Structure? LO25541

From: Roger Key (roger.key@onet.co.uk)
Date: 10/26/00

Replying to LO25499 --

Hummmm Interesting question....

1. How do you define 'structure'? Visible? Invisible? Formal?
Informal? System?

2. Dependent on your definition of structure and system: Are structure
and system the same?

3. The question asks if structure is informal/formal, visible/invisible.
Again these are dependent on what the definitions are.

4. IS structure really a concept that needs to exist when we are looking
at systems? If we define a system as (something like) an interdependent
whole the outcomes of which are typified as: showing emergent properties,
bounded in their predectibility, showing evidence of feedback, feedforward
and adaption in the whole. We may wish to include stuff about energy and
entropy etc etc. But having defined what a system is have we not also
defined what the structure is? If we seek to apply other rules to
seperate structure from the whole are we not reducing the system to its
parts, and thus not describing a feature of the system any more? Or am I
missing something?

5. Having got this answers what will we be able to do that we could not
do before?

I ask the above because I do not understand the question. There are too
many undefined big sweeps. I always tried to avoid the 'simple' questions
in exams - the fewer the words and the fewer the definitions in the
question, the harder the question is to answer.

>I would like to seek perspectives of listserv members on an area of
>learning that I am pursuing. I want to have a good grip on systems
>thinking and a variety of ways to see the system.
>My question is - What is structure in a system? Is it visible, invisible
>or both? Is it formal or informal or both? What is it?


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