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Date: 11/13/00

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At and Winfried,

I'm not so certain that I understand your meaning of control and its'
relevance to leadership or stewardship. Leadership is about change, and
developing the capacity to change successfully. Stewardship is about
conservation (of values, trust, energy). Sometimes stewardship and
leadership may seem to conflict, though they both may be manifested in one

You also posed the question, "What is the difference between "vehemently
demanded stewardship" of a child and "dictatorship" of an adult?" It
seems to me that they are the same, as they suppose power should be
one-sided. Shared power would be the different model. My children often
wanted the power of autonomy without the social or familial responsibility
which I expected to accompany it. Other times, they wanted the relative
safety of dependence and minimal responsibility without significant power.
I find this often among people in the workforce and in school.

Leaders like the two of you spend much of your time developing the
capacity for power (and autonomy) in others, while also acting as stewards
for those young hearts and minds you are giving back to those who
entrusted you with them.

But, I still don't grok control in this context.



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