Forms of Knowing Heliotropic LO25994

Date: 01/28/01

Replying to LO25982 --

Dear Artur,

> 5. Finally, if changing tacit knowing (old models, values and habitudes)
> is so difficult, one must question if "training" (in any disciplines or in
> anything really) has any real value to create the free energy that will
> allow for old tacit knowing to be "unlearnt" and so replaced by a new
> tacit knowing? In other words how can we facilitate personal, individual
> or social "metanoias"?

If some-HOW some-one answered that question, WHAT would you be enabled to



P.S. If you look OVER the 'shoulders' of Modern giants, eg. Cezanne you
will often find that their shoulders are often asymmetrical making any
standings precarious.

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