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From: Artur F. Silva (
Date: 01/29/01

Replying to LO25994

Dear Andrew:

At 02:28 28-01-2001 -0500, wrote:
> In other words how can we facilitate personal, individual
> > or social "metanoias"?
>If some-HOW some-one answered that question, WHAT would you be enabled to

First I want to thank you for your mail, as it allowed me to became aware
of a small point where what I wrote was not what I intended. As it may be
important in the future, let me first correct. What I intended to say was:

>In other words how can we facilitate personal, organisational,
> or social "metanoias"?

This is important because from the "Plan of Posts" I sent sometime ago you
may imagine that I have the intention to later answer some of this
questions, namely the organisational one... And if you have imagined that,
you are right; I will.

Now, answering to your point: if someone answers my question, I will do
WHAT I expect some of you to do when I will send my (approach of) answer
to the same question: try it! And AFTER post here the results.

What I will not do: answer with some "opinions" or "beliefs" or
"pressupositions" without first trying it. This is compatible with my idea
of "Reflective Practice"...

And, Thanks for asking...

>P.S. If you look OVER the 'shoulders' of Modern giants, eg. Cezanne you
>will often find that their shoulders are often asymmetrical making any
>standings precarious.
>. __O---
>. !!!
>. /\

You are so very right. And to stay over their shoulders, one must take a
lot of care and have a certain agility. That's life ;-)

But you have shown the same type of agility many times before, even if my
limitations in the use of English some times don't allow me to follow you

[and thanks for choosing Cezane - one of my favorities. (During many
years, each time I went to Paris, I would make a visit to the Museum of
"Le Jeu de Pomme" to see the impressionist collection. Then they moved the
collection to the new museum of (his it Orsay? any how, a remodelated
underground station where they have decided to create a museum. If you are
real agile and or have 20yo I would suggest you go there. I felt too much
tired before the middle and gave up. (And, I am not British, so I have
nothing against France ;-)

Warm Regards



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