The Form of Knowledge (2) (Tacit Dimension revisited) LO26004

From: Artur F. Silva (
Date: 01/29/01

Replying to LO25993

Hello Winfried

At 22:41 27-01-2001 +0100, Winfried Dressler wrote:

> >you made your point...
>The context of this thread makes me wonder about this phrase, which we do
>not know in German.

>The deeper I try to question my tacit knowing, the less sure I become that
>knowledge could sensibly appear in the form of a point.

As you know, I am not the good person to answer you, as English is not
even my second language. And in some cases I just translate an expression
used in Portuguese or use an English expression I heard, but I am not sure
about the exact meaning.

When I have used the expression it had the following meaning: "You (At)
have made clear your point (of view) and I now accept it (which I was not
prepared to do before)". Were I writing in Portuguese and I would probably
wrote "podes levar a bicicleta" but At would not understand (and I would
not be able to explain) why I would be offering him a bicycle... Idiomatic
expressions have many nuances...

But to came back to what I think is your "point", yes, maybe a
"competitive" meaning his evoqued by the sentense. In this days of
"dialogue", where there are no "discussions" any more, as it is no longer
politicaly correct, and no one cares about what an author said, and during
a discussion no one has the courage to say "you were right, I was wrong",
but will prefer to say something like "in the new condictions maybe be it
is correct to think that what I was saying, and mantain, is not so far
from what you are saying" (even if it was the exactly contrary), in these
days of "dialogue", to "give the point" is no longer PC, I know.

But maybe I am a bit oldfashion... Or maybe I don't like fashion wend
applied to thinking.




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