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Date: 01/30/01

Dear Learners,

I have a 'friend' in the East; a patient 'gardener' ;-) he tells me that
in China they do not make 'female' and 'male' distinctions in their
communications. "English needs improvement." Wise words. Thank you
friend;-) Here are some more wise words that may help offset the slide in
the US, and this morning I am thinking especially of someone I know who
worked for a global IT company that lost it's own way, got eaten by Lucent
and then it seems is about the be 'excreted', the 'headline' reads
something like "Lucent to shed 10,000 jobs." So that is sad for 10,000
people (not jobs) "genders" are unspecified;-( But Rich (Richard McGinn)
former CEO at Lucent brought much needed 'focus' according to temporary
new CEO. He does have the "fix"!!! Mr.Schacht said, " A different set of
skills" is required, " -ones of execution and focus." Mmmm. Well, ok I see
the newness in the "execution" but not the newness in the "focus".

Maybe great wealth is an inhibitor in the wider game;-) Maybe if companies
like Cisco stopped buying up small companies like the one my friends work
for and Nortel who are, "mopping up contracts all over the globe..."
companies like Nokia would still be making plans to be making phones,
which I hear they are just about to drop...

Now maybe I can disperse a seed of joy to some young entrepreneur who
might be reading this list.

In or by the year 2007 Chinese will be the most widely read language on
the Internet. Is there an opportunity for sustainable growth there?

My friend tells me "English" could do with some improvement, I agree. "
---'elutriated' --- it means --- (to become) purified ---. It makes me
think of lucidity and electricity combined."

So, Mr C.E.O. of Lucent, where is the 'elutriated nature' of your
organisation and what kind of beam of light will shine it out from the
four corners of you realm? I vouchsafe a diffuse light. You want more? My
rates are very, very, very cheap;-) (cheep-cheep;-) Confucius knew a thing
or two;-) He said "never trust a chap who's belly doesn't move when he
laughs..." I think that counts for ladies too.

I have before me a Larson cartoon. Imagine. Himalayan base camp scene,
tents and some heavily 'cigarette-smoking' 45- 55 year olds having the
last puff before the final ascent. (The tents and clothing arew festooned
(covered) in tobacco sponsorship logo's)

Inscription reads, " Despite being well-financed by the tobacco industry,
the newly formed Smoker' Mountaineering Club met its doom just a few
moments after leaving base camp." ...Must we keep wondering why?

Yours posthumourously but not posthumously______ yet!



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