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From: Bill Harris (
Date: 01/30/01

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> Now maybe I can disperse a seed of joy to some young entrepreneur who might
> be reading this list.

I attend a monthly meeting of local entrepreneurs. Between 300 and 400
people gather here monthly at 6:30 a.m. to network and to learn. It's
inspiring and invigorating to hear the enthusiasm (tempered a bit by the
last 9 months) from a bunch of people starting out to make something out
of practically nothing _and_ to take what they've learned at their last
attempt (successful or not) into their next.

> So, Mr C.E.O. of Lucent, where is the 'elutriated nature' of your
> organisation and what kind of beam of light will shine it out from the four
> corners of you realm? I vouchsafe a diffuse light. You want more? My rates
> are very, very, very cheap;-) (cheep-cheep;-) Confucius knew a thing or

Really good insight is cheap, the price one pays being far less than the

Really good insight is expensive, the cost of learning being change built
on experience, and experience is both abundant and priceless.


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