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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 01/30/01

Replying to LO25978 --

Charles C. Bell

You are right , they are all learning organizations. The real question is
what are they learning?

Are they learning to improve the way 'work works' or are they learning
that it pays to look good and bring good is of secondary importance.

Senge observed that better companies learn from the process of work.
They experiment and they are free enough form political behavior to be
honest in sharing that information so improvement can be openly planned
based on the results of work.

More often people are learning to avoid the facts and not to share results
unless it makes them personally look good. Promotion in these companies
depends on avoiding association with failure. Learning about becoming
better requires experimentation and open sharing of results, that risks
being associated with a failure.

So tell your readers to look for organizations that expose problems and
use data to address them. These can learn. Those that depend on mutual
back scratching cannot learn but only wallow.


Eugene Taurman


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