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Date: 02/25/01

Replying to LO26202 --

> What is this place searching for then? And why?

Andrew wrote( LO26204) this line and Jack /Rick wrote some points of view
on LO in LO26202. Andrew taught me one English word ' medley ' or H.
Matisse's 'Snake'. I like to take advantage of this approach to do some
reflections and sharing.

I read Lewis Thomas's The Fragile Species some years ago but this year
know him better.

Last week, I contributed some posts in Deming Electronics Network(DEN)
about some Awards. I recommend some friends to read A. N. Whitehead's book
as follows,

> After I read part one of A. N. Whitehead's Adventures of Ideas about
>'Sociological Adventure', I think I understand Dr Deming and our stories
>with System of Profound Knowledge much deeper now and I like to recommend
>it to some friends.

In fact, the list will be never ending, for example, 'see' Lord Denning's
The Family Story and the Argonauts story told by R. Barthes as 'models of
LO'. ( I learn it from the story of Argonauts told by R. Barthes -- quoted
in Rosalind E. Krauss's The Originality of Avant-Garde and Other Modernist
Myths MITPress ,1985. ). Andrew also know I read Balzac's Unknown
Masterpiece and other related books. Most of us lived and enjoyed (perhaps
with some sighs ) decades in various 'LOs'...

I like to dedicate this mail to a friend not in this list (I guess) , Dr.
Myron Tribus, he defines Quality as Love and taught me many learning
through examples set in emails and papers in DEN.

Best Regards,

Hanching Chung


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