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Date: 03/20/01

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Dear Don,

You made me busy for a while.
But it was a learning experience.
Our memory is really 'transformative'.
For example, the book you quoted by Dr Box is Statistics for Experimenters.
The book was written by Box, late W G. Hunter and J. Stuart Hunter.

I was surprised to find out they quoted Cole Porter's poem,
Make it your motto day and night.
And it will lead you to the light/.../
If this advise you only employ,...
and you'll see!

The first sentence of chapter one is ' Scientific research is a process of
guided learning.'

I wrote a 'nice' mail to 'promote' LO in DEN about 10 days ago. The main
theme is that for an Organization to be learning, we not only need
theorists but experimenters.

Back to our sage Confucius. I think most Westerners make him confused. For
example, he said, " It is man that makes truth (Way) great, and not truth
makes man great." But it is interesting to replace 'truth(Way)' to
anything you like and see what will happen. How about replace it with
LO/TQM/SoPK... without knowledge and love?

I hope you don't mind my 'corrections'. I guess you might know the story
of young Jean Piaget got kidnapped.

Thanks for you nice quotation about 'love' in a back channel discussion. I
was inspired.


'My love/has made me old./.../Something hid deep in love/and passion/still
amazes me.' H. A. Simom
in chapter Mazes Without Minotaurs of Models of My Life.
In memory of a friendship.

> Andrew, Hanching, I remember what I think is a quote from Confucius: "Man
> can make system great, but system cannot make man great." Is my memory
> correct in this? In any case, I find it an interesting complement to
> John's passionate discourse on organizational theories.


demingtw <>

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