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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 04/02/01

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Hi John

John Zavacki wrote:

> Gavin, an interesting reply. Could you please clarify by giving us your
> definition of an archetype??

That is good question, I would imagine and I am not sure, however an
archetype is structural and does not include action or process. But I
could be wrong maybe it is both. If it is both then the systems thinking
archetypes are not archetypes but process archetypes (if there is such a

An assumed ideal pattern of the fundamental structure of each great
division of organized beings- Shorter Oxford Dictionary. (2500 pages)

That seems like structure to me.

If you want to correlate that to At de Langes 7E's that is being-becoming,
identity-categoricity, and maybe association- monodicity

But ultimately one can label anything with any label, I suppose as long as
I know what that person means.

Whatever the case is Systems Thinking Archetypes in my opinion are not
archetypes. More like patterns of process. (call them archetypal process

> What's the difference between a label and the
> container it labels, Alice?

Very large this is one of the key issues that bedevils many people they
confuse the label with the real thing.



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