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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 04/30/01

Replying to LO26551 --

Dear At and Chris

I have just got around to read this message and would like to comment of
some of the issues of marketing.

This might sound really crazy but in my opinion there is no such thing as
a self -organizing complex market system. Self organization can only work
with wholes.

By the above label implication one could then assume that there is such a
thing as a marketing system. (categorical identity). Can it be identified
categorically? My answer to that is I don't think so.

If I liken our entire societal systems as a pump with tubes (and things
moving in those pumps and tubes, transforming in the pumps and in
pulsation) and inside that pump many more associated pumps with tubes.
(process -things moving in the tubes and pumps, structure -pumps and
tubes, wholes: pumps and tubes). I find it very difficult to categorically
identify marketing pumps and tubes. I can categorically identify economic,
material, financial, technical, psychological, informational structures
and processes.

What I am saying is that in a system one gets wholes and a marketing
system does not seem like a whole to me. In the above example in every
system, we get tubes and a pump (the pump digests, transforms and pushes
and pulls (motility and movement) from one tube into the pump then pushes
into another tube. Does not the whole body work on this principle?. The
nervous system, the respiratory system, circulatory system etc.

Are blockages not what diseases are? Either the tubes are blocked, or the
pumps ( heart, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach) don't transform or
pump properly, or at a much more fundamental level the cell whole. (also a
pump with tubes and liquids in pulsation (motility) are breaking up). Is
this not cancer?

If I then go back to societal systems the pumps and tubes often don't work
to well and hence we have bottlenecks, constraints that are associated
with human needs, hopes, desires not met and human fears and losses, pain
not allayed. The voids waiting to be filled by those goodies inside the
pumps and tubes. But first the structures must be laid. (e.g. without
roads, rail, sea, air systems we could not get our resources around).
Without the right size tubes (pipes) our internet (informational process
and structure) will not work properly.

Marketing seems to me more a label that identifies parts of other wholes
and not a whole within itself so I have to conclude then that it cannot
exist as a complex system per se. I can identify marketing as an outgoing
tube maybe but not a pump transforming and digesting or not an incoming
tube (is this not supply chain).



Gavin Ritz <>

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