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Date: 04/30/01

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Dear Friends,

Before I start my note to At's, I like to suggest the initiator of the
question to report back what he or she learned in this process or not.
Most hunters cannot see the beauty of the forest.

Thanks At. I understand chemistry a little bit but I don't see the power
of analogue of chemical 'dynamical structure' with 'organizational
structure', although mankind en masse is always very commonplace.

I worked about 20 years in industry with some well known MNCs. I compared
the 'processes' and 'models' and approaches the real people take and the
ones in the textbooks and classrooms, I think most educational
organizations are misleading. I discussed with the education of business
administration with late Herbert A. Simon. He was very kind to suggest to
use the particular University for 'process thinking' (my term).

I am busy with my projects now. So let me make the story short. I just
read Erwin Schrodinger's ' Science and Humanism' lecture ( Cambridge
University Press) and I think his point is relevant here.

'Never lose sight of the role your particular subject has within the great
performance of the tragi-comedy of human life; keep in touch with
life--not so much with practical life as with the ideal background of
life, which is ever so much important; and Keep life in tough with

Hanching Chung


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