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Hi Hanching

demingtw wrote:

> Before I start my note to At's, I like to suggest the initiator of the
> question to report back what he or she learned in this process or not.
> Most hunters cannot see the beauty of the forest.
> Thanks At. I understand chemistry a little bit but I don't see the power
> of analogue of chemical 'dynamical structure' with 'organizational
> structure', although mankind en masse is always very commonplace.

I will share with you the exactly how you can make this leap to
organizational structure (not the normal organogram that we talk about
that is just to blame someone when things go wrong)

The basic building block is energy on top of that we get the processes and
structures they begin with

Power and dependency processing structures
Psychological p-s
Informational p-s (Shannon) but not on the intangible information
Financial p-s
economic p-s (Goergescu-Roegen)
technical p-s
material p-s (Carnot et el, Boltzman)

You may notice that many people have tried to work out entropy on some of
those levels. If you can map anyone of those in your organization with
their corresponding constraints and work towards the key constraint you
will eventually find that the key problem is always the power structure
(tensegrity) and it is always invisible, unspoken, unarticulated but
weaving its magic. If you dig deeper you will then get to the energy
structure which is unchanging.

My personal search has been the p-s with the mind and over the last decade
I have mapped this. I have been fascinated by the mental lethargy and the
inability of the human mind to transform at this level. Hence many
failures in business (mainly the large ones).



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