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Date: 05/04/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Gavin Ritz <> writes:

>My personal search has been the p-s with the mind and
>over the last decade I have mapped this. I have been
>fascinated by the mental lethargy and the inability of the
>human mind to transform at this level. Hence many
>failures in business (mainly the large ones).

Greetings dear Gavin,

I find this a fantastic paragraph. Here in South Africa form is usually
very much seeked and stressed. Thus the 7Es (as indicators of the richness
of form) are usually not too seriously impaired. What people and
organisations frequently lack, is the free energy for mental
transformation. I am so acutely aware of it that I want to run away after
a couple of minutes into meeting with them.

Why run away? Because it is like talking to a corpse trying to convince
them that they have to little free energy for the transformation. They
keep on doing the same thing with slight changes to either side. This is
one of the surest signs that their free energy is close to the equilibrium

With care and best wishes


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