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Date: 05/04/01

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Dear Leo,

thanks for sharing with your soul mate and introduced us a new dimension.
I learned the 'terzetto' for the first time. Your beautiful book might be
like the 'comics' in the following quote from Robert Nozick:'If dialogue
and descriptive prose were skimpy, the classic comics was more than made
up for by the narrative force and the vivid pictures.' ( The Harvard Guide
to Influential Books)

Your proposal for manager's reading list is interesting, for 'process and
structure' thread, Dante's journeys might be relevant. If you have time, I
recommend you to read H. A. Simon's interview with OMNI (free in
cyberspace), he commented on Canto XIII : Why None Ever Rose to Equal
Solomon's Wisdom.

Have a nice weekend.

Hanching Chung

Leo Minnigh wrote:

> In this very Canto somewhat further(terzetto 28 and further) Dante says
> some very interesting things about philosophers and rote
> learners/reproducers. The latter catagory is the reason of so much
> misunderstandings of the words in the Bible and the reason of so much
> corruption in religious matters.
> Reading the Divina Commedia has brought me in a state of peaceful
> contemplation and gave me a greater sense of agape. Maybe this book should
> be on the reading list of many managers. But I am afraid of the effect if
> these managers are rote learners/reproducers, instead of being
> philosophers/thinkers.


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