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From: Leo Minnigh (
Date: 05/10/01

Replying to LO26619 --

Replying to LO26619

Dear Chung,

Before replying to your message, I like to ask you a question. I started
this mail with "Dear Chung". Your full name is Hanching Chung. Why did I
not started with "Dear Hanching", as would be normal in informal
conversations. I give you my reason: I thought that Chinese names are
composed of first the family name and then the first name. So that's why,
but maybe I am wrong. Could you inform us?

Now, back to Dante and the Divina Comedia. You wrote

> Your proposal for manager's reading list is interesting, for 'process and
> structure' thread, Dante's journeys might be relevant. If you have time, I
> recommend you to read H. A. Simon's interview with OMNI (free in
> cyberspace), he commented on Canto XIII : Why None Ever Rose to Equal
> Solomon's Wisdom.

Well, now I think over my own words and yours, I begin to hesitate. Was it
wise of me to suggest the Divina Comedia as part of the reading list for
managers? I am not sure, because I think that precious works of art or
nature in the wrong hands will destroy these works. Should we start
creating a reserve for precious things on this planet and place a strong
watcher at the entrence of this reserve? This watcher allows only those
who have passed an examination of good behaviour and who have showed their
ability to enjoy the precious works. Should we concentrate the good and
beautiful in a earthly paradise or should we hide these things in between
the bad and ugly all over and around the world? Who is the Solomon between
us who could give the answer?

Dear Chung, thank you for opening my eyes to the work of Herbert Simon.

> Have a nice weekend.
> Hanching Chung

Thank you; it was a nice weekend and the next weekend is coming soon

Minnigh Leo

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