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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 05/09/01

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Hi Chris

>Gavin wrote:

> > Marketing is in
> > my opinion only a discipline and not a whole. Wholes exhibit certain
> > complexity characteristics like.
> >
> > Process (flows) no and yes only part (demand side flow)
> > Structure, no and yes only demand side
> > Boundaries and limits, yes
> > Transforming, no
> > Digestion, no
> > Reproduce, no
> > Pulsate, yes
> Gavin, the instances of Yes and No in your list prompts me to ask:
> are you rating Marketing? In other words:
> Does Marketing exhibit properties that would conform to the term
> 'Transforming'?
> to which your answer is NO.
> If not how should I read this part and relate it to Marketing?

Any whole always transforms or pumps this is one of the critical
dimensions of a whole or a complex adaptive system. The brain is a
transformer, the heart, is a pump. the same goes for the producing part of
a business service or product. A wholesaler sucks pumps and pushes, a
manufacturer inputs, transforms and outputs.

What I am doing is rating it as a complex adaptive system (CAS). CAS
always exhibits certain characteristics, but I must add that there are
many that would not agree with me. As a CAS has never been fully
identified. But as I am so passionate about it I have decided that it
needs some characterization. I have combined many theories and models over
the years with At de Lange's model being my latest inclusion. (must add
that I was skeptical of it at first, the jargon put me off a bit a bit
biblical, but after assessing what it all meant, agree with the
fundamentals). The models I have combined are, (my own motivational
model), managerial cybernetics, VSM, TOC, EKS, SST, SSM, SD, ST, CAS and
my latest inclusion 7E's. They all have common threads and I have been
working on the ground plan or so to say the sameness that they all
exhibit. My interest is really to apply these things in the business world
with good outcomes.

Just yesterday I did a strategic plan with a client using this wholeness
model. My client was so blown away that he requested another couple of
hours to map his business and the entire industry that he is associated
with. For the first time he knew how to match product distinctions to
markets, competitor analysis, understood the pumping transforming and
linking chains and pipelines to final consumer. He learnt about speed and
timing as one can map the timing of each input, transformation and output
and so on up the chain..

He gets the full processing structure of his firm and his environment. Its
blockages, constraints, shape, form, content, direct and indirect demand
profiles. Even how to better negotiate because of the power he has with
this information. He had about 5 ah-ha experiences. A great day for me and



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