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Date: 05/11/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Gavin Ritz <> writes:

>I have combined many theories and models over
>the years with At de Lange's model being my latest
>inclusion. (must add that I was skeptical of it at first,
>the jargon put me off a bit a bit biblical, but after
>assessing what it all meant, agree with the

Greetings dear Gavin,

I remember those times. And do you know what -- many fellow learners have
learned a lot by following your sceptical questions -- perhaps more from
you than from me in the issues involved.

I cannot stress one thing enough. What I write is for questioning
endlessly so as to aid the authentic learning of others. So I actually
want to encourage sceptical questions once again, even from you.
Nevertheless, whatever our questions, let us stay as close as possible to
the spirit of learning.

Another, perhaps not such a minor, issue is the following. What I express
in writing is not a model, theory or even philosophy. Jan Smuts stressed
up to the end that his holism is not a philosophy, but a "way of living".
I wonder how many ever understood what he had said. As for myself, the
closest I would dare to describe what I am doing, is to call it the "art
of deep creativity". Perhaps as art it is too crude, that for the deep it
is too shallow and for the creativity it is too predictable since I
imagine a too rich spectrum of authentic learners to care for. But I put
my heart in it and get joy from doing it.

As for "combined many theories and models over the years" which is clear
to me, it is also clear to me that in terms of the "art of deep
creativity" that you are operating in the "digestive phase" for a long
time. It means that there is within your mind a seed crystal with such a
degee of purity that it could sustain your digestive learning to such a
massive crystal. It makes me wonder what that tiny seed crystal might be.
You once wrote that your discovery of algedonic signals has been very
important to you. Have you discovered these algedonic signals
authentically (or did you import the idea from somewhere else). If this is
the case, have you ever studied Hegel more closely, especially his
wonderful first work "Phenomenology of the Mind".

A few weeks ago Chris Klopper gave me his MA thesis to study in which he
focussed on this work of Hegel. And once again I came deeply under the
impression just how mind boggling this work of Hegel has been even to the
best among phsilosophers. Many just could not see the little seed crystal
which grew to such a gigantic and complex philosophy.

With care and best wishes


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