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Date: 05/10/01

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Its fascinating to me to see this thread; about 3 years ago I asked this
group if there was anyone connecting brand or marketing to "learning
organisation" and whilst the discussion was good it wasn't on your recent

3 years ago, I was passionately interested in the subject as I had just
authored a book "Brand Chartering - how brand organisations learn living
scripts" which looked at ways you could make Brand Marketing the mother of
all learning organisation systems (if you were prepared to
undepartmentalise it and make it the organisation-wide value creation
system people like Drucker had intended in the 40s/50s when they helped
coin the term marketing). I'd also setup the Marketing Electronic Learning
NETwork (MELNET) as a web and network for people interested in sharing
similar tools/experiences

[Host's Note: Chris intro from 1997 is at ..Rick]

These days I am part of the Founding Group of The Chief Brand Officer

You may be interested in the way we describe/scope the duties of the CBO
at time of membership application:
"all members have agreed at time of joining
that they have a senior responsibility for CONNECTING:
Brand Outside (its imagery, identifiers, platforms, message...)
& Brand Inside (Organisational behaviours, human knowledge-sharing, digital
community links...)
& Brand Leadership (Architecture, innovation investments, relationship
strategy, business model...)"


This group could rightly vent fury at us for using a vocabulary that's
more KM than LO. My own view is that KM is more snobbily identified in
boardrooms at the moment , otherwise I'd prefer to use LO or action
learning or community of practice...

One other update: literally what I was doing last week - at Georgetown
University was quarelling with creative agencies that NO they were only a
very small part of global branding - and that KM or LO was the core that
enabled employees to live the global brand - have paper on that, if
interested email me at

chris macrae


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