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From: John Zavacki (
Date: 05/19/01

Replying to LO26671 --

Winfried points out that Gavin's "standard" meaning may not be so
standard. In my original reply to this thread, I described my concept of
marketing. It is by no means that which Gavin calls "standard" but
encompasses not just sales and demographic/competitive research, but the
entire product development process as well. This IS a system, Gavin. It
meets all of your criteria and all of mine. The notion of complex
marketing systems is, indeed, complex, as are the discussions of it.

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> Sorry for picking out this one sentence and changing the
> subject line, but
> the topic of standards seems very important and not yet clear
> at all. In
> fact I can write only on a kind of feeling and hope that you
> can connect
> to it in your way.


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