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From: The22Keys@AOL.COM
Date: 08/01/01

Dear Learners,

Some serious dialogue has been unfolding here lately. This message is
significantly lighter, but it too is all about learning how we can boost
our capacity to produce results that matter.

With Labor Day coming up, is launching the
"Awesome & Awful Boss Hall of Fame." It will be a virtual gallery of the
best and worst in the boss business.

Anyone who wants to give a great manager some richly deserved public
recognition can stop by and complete the 5-minute online Awesome
nomination form. Or, if their boss is a BOSS in the worst sense and they
want to vent, they can fill out an Awful nomination. (Names aren't
required on the Awful ones.) It's all at:

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, August 10. Ten days
later the site will announce the three Awesome Bosses -- with an in-depth
profile of each. The top three Awful Bosses also will be featured, but
without names. And there will be nutshell summaries of many other

This promises to be an interesting, amusing, and inspiring collection of
stories. But most of all, it should be instructive.

    -- Tom

Tom Terez Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio USA


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