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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 08/10/01

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I can not give you references as requested. I do however have some comment
for your managers

        The traditional manager's self perception is, " My job is to watch
and make sure you work enough and to keep you from making mistakes." It
is this mentality that drives you mangers to want to measure individual

        The Lean manger's self perception is helper and keeper of the
process. Consequently foremost in their minds, "How can I help you make
your work, work better, How do we do the work now?"

If your mangers believe they have to measure individual performance rather
than process performance then you have a hard job to change the culture
enough to make teams work.


Eugene Taurman

>The organization for whom I work is slowly, very slowly, moving towards a
>team environment. Our current hierarchical system wants to keep some
>type of control through personnel evaluation procedures. Can anyone
>point me towards references that might suggest how one measures the
>contribution of individuals to team performance?
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>Robert F. Richard


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