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Date: 08/25/01

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Hi Winfried

"Dressler, Winfried" wrote:

> >I am not so sure that the positron is the same thing that I am talking
> >about (dark energy, anti gravity). I do believe that anti-matter can have
> >no mass or temperature (the holy grail of absolute zero) and therefore
> >falls outside our present understandings of science and will need a
> >paradigm shift to understand.
> I suspect, Rick will be wondering what may come out of this ;-). I am
> wondering too: Do I have experiential knowledge of "anti-matter"? Even
> tacit knowledge? Let me try to check.

Why would you be wondering what Rick would want out of this?

> [Host's Note: Yes, I am wondering... ]
> I have heard of anti-matter only in the context of elementary particles
> physics (electron-positron, proton-antiproton, photon being its own
> antiparticle). I find the organization of mind extraordinary that enabled
> to harness the elementary particles "zoo" that was started to be observed
> by means of colliders. Yet in your categorization these particles do all
> belong to matter, right?

I am afraid that this is not the case at all. I will first put it to you
that all thought, mind or matter belong to the category that you have been
focusing on for so long. It become very difficult to shift ones focus on
to paradigm that is outside ones normal focus. We all focus onto the world
of matter as we are matter beings. The laws of LEC and LEP all belong to
one class of category and that is matter (or mind). No matter what angle
you look at it this is so. I will share with you that if Holism is your
focus this concept is only a third of the full picture. And if it was not
so we would be able to explain the uninverse with these laws which we
cannot by any means. They appear to us because of the nature of the
universe. They cannot explain the organization of the universe. AND that
is why I am saying beyond.

> Anyhow, they do not matter :-)

They matter so deeply for our dialogue because it is the very fountain
that gives you and me life.

> for our dialogue,
> I suspect except for the question: How do they organize? from which we may
> learn something.

Well the question is are you prepared to learn something outside your
comfort zone because what you know (in your mind), has survival value.

> Scientists have observed that when particle and anti-particle collide,
> they annihilate, while energy, momentum, charges remain conserved.
> Speaking of organization, one may say the energy which is bound in the
> mass of the particles is set free. A creative collapse. What happens next?
> Do we get something of more complex organization (emergence) or something
> of less complex organization (immergence)? Most particles that are created
> are unstable or metastable. What does stability mean in the organization?
> >From some stable particles the world of atoms emerge. From stable atoms
> the world of molecules emerge and so on up to the world of mind? and
> beyond??. The world of matter, as you say. The dance of LEP on LEC.

The world of matter is but only a portion of the picture and you may be
wondering how does this effect learning organizations. I have many times
before shared with you the structure (form) and the process whereby all
organizations are created. It is my opinion that they are created out of
antimatter. Entropy , time, and antimatter (or try quantum foam, or dark
energy) are all directly related.

The entropy of the universe increases because it is driven by the
expanding nature of time and dark energy. I do not expect you to believe
this because you would need to experience that for yourself. They have
nothing to do with LEC or LEP which are laws of matter only. These laws do
not just appear in a vacuum they have origins. All organizations human,
business take on the same form and process which is reflected by these
laws and the law of polarity and enhancement. This law is a law of tension
between fear and hope for the human, and organizational level the
algedonic channel and signal, and at meta levels the tension between
antimatter (time) and matter (space).

Time expands as space contracts. the astronomers are now finding that dark
energy makes up almost 75 per cent of the universe and it is expanding at
unprecedented rates (Hubble constant is 72km/s/megaparesec, do the sums is
that not faster than the speed of light). If you believe this does not
effect organization on earth well so be it. If you think that this does
not effect our minds well what can I say. If you think that our minds are
matter instruments only you are both correct and incorrect at the same

> We use metaphors from different levels of organization to describe what
> happens in our mind, thinking, communicating, organizing. I feel familiar
> with the image that thoughts build complex molecules, that some thoughts
> can act as catalyst to create even more complex thoughts and so on. May be
> others than I can see a correspondence between a personal experience and
> the annihilation of thought and anti-thought into pure creative energy,
> some of them experiencing immergence others emergence out of this.
> What really would go beyond for me would be the experience that mind is
> more than the organization of matter and the paradoxes which arise when
> mind becomes selfreferential. Thus that there is another organization that
> remains or even evolve further when the body (organization of matter)
> decompose. Whatever "evolving organization" (learning) may mean "beyond".

Well beyond the world of matter. Your and my eyes are matter instruments.
If you are interested to see antimatter (or quantum foam) you may email me
off the list and I will tell you how. This might open a paradigm that you
never knew existed. This effects our freedom (which is an illusion),
thought, actions and everything we do.



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