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Date: 08/26/01

Replying to LO27162 --

Dear Fellow trainee cosmologists,

Dear Gavin,

you have written

>We all focus onto the world of matter as we are matter beings. The laws of
>LEC and LEP all belong to
>one class of category and that is matter (or mind). No matter what angle you
>look at it this is so. I will share with you that if >Holism is your
>focus this concept is only a third of the full picture.

I have no intention of questioning your logic above or it's semantical
meandering. Where angles fit in the qualia of tropism is muchly beyond me.
Maybe this is something what you have in brain<>mind ;-)...

"Vigier-Bohm ideas.
These suggestions seem to be not so strange, because it combines two
different quantum mechanical solutions suggested by David Bohm and Jean Paul
Vigier described in: "Infinite potentials, the time and lives of David Bohm"
(1996) by D. Peat : Quotations: 1, "D. Bohm argued, that the quantum
potential (also dubbed pilot wave) guides the electron in a non-mechanical
way. {In this paper we will use this idea and call this quantum potential:
"Big Bang entanglement"}. 2, J.P.Vigier favored explaining the process in
terms of some sort of underlying mechanism as an energetic sub-quantum fluid
"pushing the electron around" . {In this new Physical model, we will call
this sub-quantum fluid the energetic oscillating "Higgs-virgin vacuum"}.
If elementary particles are able to absorb directional energy from the
vacuum, they should have knowledge at any time about their speed and
direction in space. The solution this paper suggests is: to re-introduce the
not so weird idea of universal symmetry by postulating the very weird idea of
the existence of synchronized "Dual anti mirror Universes", which are EPR
(Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlated what we will call: Big Bang
entangled down to the Planck scale. As a consequence, the second law of
thermodynamics has to be interpreted as to be valid only at the same time in
both Universes. Everything, even YOURSELF, has to be interpreted as non
Cartesian DUALLY EXISTENT. We suggest we may call this YIN and YANG EXISTENT.
The Cartesian "Cogito Ergo Sum" "I think therefore I am" has to be changed
into: " I am a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR
correlated, and in time competition for free will with my opposite anti-I,
therefore We are! (alternating non marionettes) see TESTS, Libet)
To quote Feynman again: Well you say, it was a good one, and I got rid of the
mathematics for a while, THIS IS TOO CRAZY TO BE TRUE.
But in contrast again, the idea was put a step further by suggesting, 1: That
all matter, energy and motion in the Universe is originated by energetic
oscillating Higgs-virgin particles, which have real form and a non-zero
volume. They are suggested to oscillate in- 3-Dimensional Local vacuum
lattice frames, which can be qualified as non-Lorentz-covariant preferred
vacuum frames. 2: That each Quark and Lepton has a real complex
sub-quantum-level form and a real spin. This particle spin can be polarized,
(called spin polarization) by which the particle is able to absorb
directional vacuum energy. The spin polarization has a Lorentz-covariant
MEMORY for its direction and magnitude in Higgs-virgin space. This memory is
instantaneously synchronized by EPR correlations , (called: Big Bang
entanglement) with its anti-mirror particle, living in a real Dual
anti-mirror Universe, located outside our own Universe.
As a consequence, this model points into the direction of a Universe, that is
at the same time MECHANISTIC (by oscillating colliding and spinning real
particles) , and WHOLISTIC (by entanglement acting at different levels of
existence). ...

for all fellow learners who desire more in many, many pages of similarity
please cyber travel to:-

Love from a quantum soup

Andrew Campbell


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