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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 08/30/01

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Dear Andrew

I am definitely not a cosmologist (not by a long shot), but I strive to
understand the world to use it to make it a better place for me and my
family and hopefully a few others close by. Like you I am a creator, you
with words, me with mind and machines.

A nice book to read I have just read some of it is, The Golem what
everyone should know about science. takes the mickey out of our scientific
focus which is often not that scientific at all. Just accepted paradigms
that could change tomorrow with plenty of myths in-between.

My map of the world is just that a map and all I do is project it onto the
world, sometimes with disastrous results.

The paragraph below that you included I have not one clue what it is

All I was doing was taking another angle, which I have learnt there always
is. There is not one path, be it VSM, 7E's, EKS, TOC, NBC, ABC, or
whatever, I have spent the last 10 years digging through many many
paradigms, and believe me they all have serious shortcomings.. Each person
sees the world through their color glass and it is always tinted with
their experiences and knowledge (I am amazed by the creative genius of
some to really cut through the gunk and put it really well). Still it is
never the TRUTH. It is just a map. I personally am patently aware of my
map. Its weaknesses and strengths in explaining mainly to me how things

gavin wrote:

> Dear Fellow trainee cosmologists,
> Dear Gavin,
> you have written
> >We all focus onto the world of matter as we are matter beings. The laws of
> >LEC and LEP all belong to
> >one class of category and that is matter (or mind). No matter what angle you
> >look at it this is so. I will share with you that if >Holism is your
> >focus this concept is only a third of the full picture.
> I have no intention of questioning your logic above or it's semantical
> meandering. Where angles fit in the qualia of tropism is muchly beyond me.
> Maybe this is something what you have in brain<>mind ;-)...
> "Vigier-Bohm ideas.


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