Measuring individual contributions to team performance LO27201

From: Benjamin Compton (
Date: 08/30/01

Replying to LO27160 --

Bill wrote:

"I wonder if Lou Pinella reminds his Seattle Mariners (the local baseball
team that does seem to be on a roll in the US major league baseball season
this year: every night about all the
money they can make if they do make it to the World Series, or if he
speaks with them about other things."

There is a subtle point here: I'd be willing to bet that most major league
players are there for the love of the game more than they're there for the
love of money.

So it is in the workplace: Those that work for the love it, will usually
be more productive and cooperative in a team than those that work for

Most reward systems are built around the theory that we all work for
money, and by and large, I think that's a pretty safe assumption. For
those that work because they love the work they do, these reward systems
can be frustrating and awkward.

Benjamin B. Compton

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