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From: John Dicus (
Date: 10/12/01

After President Bush concluded his live press conference Thursday evening,
one news commentator asked a guest how he would write the headline for
tomorrow's paper, summing up the essence of the president's message.

I honestly don't remember the answer. I just remember the question.

There was an episode on the TV series "Sports Night," in which the young
assistant producer, Jeremy, tried to get himself fired from the show by
feigning bigotry directed at his boss, Isaac. Isaac just laughed at
Jeremy's efforts to insult him. When Jeremy asked why Isaac wasn't taking
him seriously, Isaac said, "It's too late for you, son, your parents would
have had to start teaching you to be a bigot when you were much younger."

President Bush concluded his time with a message for the children of the

That would have been where I would have looked for tomorrow's headline --
to the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. "Bush Sees Hope For Tomorrow In
The Children Of The World."

As we struggle through the choices and consequences of the next months,
what are we going to teach our little ones? What values will we model?
Will we be firewalls, so to speak, so little hearts won't be taught to
hate? It may take a generation to change the world -- to reduce the
desire of people to turn to terrorism. It may take a generation to change
the thinking (and actions) of the global community so people won't feel
the need to turn to such unforgiving measures.

There are millions of little eyes on each and every one of us. We are
stewards of this planet -- of this global civilization. What will we do
to preserve the trust these little ones place in us? How do you watch
over something as invisible as that trust? As we move forward, with
necessary debate, to do what must be done in the near term, let's be sure
we take time to be still and quiet so we can hear what we need to do for
the long run.

   The rule of no realm is mine...

  But all worthy things that are
  in peril as the world now stands,
  those are my care.

  And for my part,
  I shall not wholly fail of my task
  if anything passes through this
  night that can still grow fair
  or bear fruit and flower again
  in days to come.

  For I too am a steward.

  Did you not know?
  (JRR Tolkien, The Return of the King)

For a more whole tomorrow,


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