Hard Work and Efficient Management = Success? LO28290

From: Terry Priebe (terryp@dca.net)
Date: 04/23/02

Replying to LO28260 --

Dear At and all...

This morning a gentleman came into my office. He and I and dozens of
others have been intensely involved in a project for 4 months. We have
collectively worked hard...we have persisted... we have been efficient...
and we have tried to be open. Yet, my friend related an experience from
last evening wherein he was talking with his spouse that brought to light
a new, unexpected dimension about how we will approach our task in the

And that brings me to At's question: does hard work plus efficient
management equal success?

It seems that hard work or persistence is clearly a factor. I wish this
wasn't so much the case, but it's hard to avoid working or doing "things"
or steps required to make a transformation occur.

But "efficient management"...is more elusive. Is it a piece of parchment?
An MBA? A consultant? Special training or experience?

All these are good and can contribute, but from the experience of my
colleague... it was having something new or different come into the space
of potential action in such a way as to make an impact. For most of us
married types ;-) when a spouse says something, there is a likelihood of
impact IF the timing is right. One party takes their free energy and
shares it / gives it to the other party.

I may not have enough free energy myself at the moment to make it happen,
but if another's is "slipped in" just right, it works; it becomes mine.

Obviously another way to enhance the chances of this taking place is to
consciously program slack into my schedule, essentially saving free time /
energy for those situations I know of - or, better yet, to always have
some slack available to deal with those things I don't know about (but,
from experience, are just around the corner... waiting to enter my field
of vision or potential action)

At, thanks for raising this point (again?). I think its consideration is
fundamental to "success".

Best Regards,

Terry Priebe
Decision Support Associates, Inc.


"Terry Priebe" <terryp@dca.net>

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