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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/01/02

Replying to LO28272 --

Dear At, dear Fellow-Learners,

I just returned home, to Tel-Aviv Israel, from a visit in Holland. I was
only one week away, still it feels like decades.

The original plan was to attend a week-end seminar with Will Mcwhinney in
a nice resort in eastern Holland (if my one single glance at the road-map
provided an accurate picture). I have been introduced to Will's work by
Jan, two years ago. It could be a most challenging subject for the LO list
to discuss interpretations to Will's road-maps %-), but this idea will
have to wait ...

Then Jan suggested to try and organize a meeting with The felLOws. I gave
green-light and I shall only say here that the performance was perfect.
I'm sure that Leo will agree with me on that, and I want to add that he
himself (Leo) provided us with a perfect location, joyfulness and other
supplies :-).

On this subject - the LO-meeting in the Netherlands - I'll reflect under
the proper subject that has just become ...

Then my husband, being aware that April (my birth month) is almost over,
and being also aware that times have changed since he planned to take me
to Spain, suggested to join and celebrate my 17the birthday (I have this
strange tendency to count in threes) in Amsterdam (everybody knows where
Amsterdam is ... I'll only say here that my husband is a perfect producer

And at home ...

It just so happened :-) that I posted LoveFoolishly when in Israel, and
carried my concern for the possible feedbacks to Delft - first station. (I
gladly undertook responsibility on this part of the trip ... two days in a
little guest-house just behind the old Church where an OrangeKing is

One of my concerns was not getting any feedback ... Thank you At for
always being there ;-). I met Jan and Leo (Rene' Post wanted to attend but
couldn't make it - next time, Rene' ;-). They said very little (if at all)
on the subject ... I first read At's reply only upon arrival back home.

When flying away from home, I carry my YellowTowel (just to tell you that
I'm an experienced hitchhiker). Huge YT - I always pay overweight. The
content of my YT changes from time to time :-) but my FractalGlasses are
always there.

Probably my suggestion was Foolish

Our beliefs are located very deep inside our-Selfs, discussing them
involves intimacy. If it's real (like you said, At - Sweat and Tears) the
defensive mechanism of our existence has difficulties in confronting
anything that bears the term "other". Otherness, At, is always a hard task
to perform - it confronts acceptance (Love) with challenge (Conversion).

I'll thus, withdraw my request and keep up with the searching.



Judy Tal <>

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