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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/04/02

Replying to LO28369 --
Shalom dear At,
Your words made me wonder - do I owe an apology for making you "do it
again - looking up etymology ..." and even "thinking very deep" :-).

In writing this reply (keeping the dialogue open) I would like to express
how I appreciate the effort you put into your commitment, and at the same
time I also respect your freedom of choice :-).

If it were in my power, I'd like to make you feel free to read, look-up or
think as you wish :-).

I can tell from your words that "rote mental behaviour" is considered by
you as the "worst kind of thing" but I still can not see what is it that
you mean by "rote mental behaviour". This makes it difficult for me to
proceed :-) ... if you know what I mean?

I'll try to articulate the distinction I made between
 Love and Conversation through the dance between them:

Love can be out-acted (is there such an expression in
 English?) in various forms ... one of them is Conversation.
 Love feeds on Acceptance and grows on Challenge
 (necessary but certainly not sufficient phenomena -
"chaque un et son ...).
IMHO - when a "Conversation of LOve" ("dialogue" for short) picks up the
subject of "belief", it plays the oldest game in human history (the game
that is never a game :-).

One joins this game with a strong sense of the Self (oneself) and carries
with him massive ancient boundaries of self-definition. Such a (natural)
approach challenges One's ability to accept the "Other" - to truly
practice "Otherness", to be compassionate ... Sweat and Tears (see,
always back to step one) ...

At, when you provided me with etymological data I become
 more convinced that my request was Foolish - Windbagish :-)
 We already do it. We communicate our beliefs.

 I have no reason to withdraw my request, then ... but to keep to it ...
 keep the /_\ Ep (increase in) available.

 With Love,

PS - I received a few personal mails from felLOws, showing
interest in such a study-group. The list is still open to All :-)


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