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From: chris macrae (wcbn007@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 05/04/02

Is a focus on uniqueness of interest to any Learning Organisation Members,
or appearing at a core bookmark of the (5th) discipline or any economics
disciplines people may know of?

I'm seeking to co-produce (250 word) scripts on uniqueness as part of
content for a web and community which seeks to connect intangibles, value
(monetary, learning and social), and stakeholder relationships

Below a draft example of a script. I know we need much better ones! (This
one seeks to give a quick gallup through the CONNECTIONS between unique
organisation, learning, stakeholder values and integrity, identity,
communications, networking, Knowledge Management, community, measurement,
business model, economics, simplicity, emotional intelligence, culture,
investment, leadership, SWOT, environment, systems, aligning purpose,
future change, win-win )

chris macrae, wcbn007@easynet.co.uk www.normanmacrae.com


All the biggest business trends we know about will increase the risks for
any company that does not know what difference it makes. (If you disagree,
please ignore this exercise in systemising organisational learning)

What's the biggest difference your company makes? Looking at each of the 5
major stakeholder branches (employees, customers, shareholders, business
partners, society : fuller map at
http://forum.knowledgeboard.com/upload/companytrue.gif ) - can you
identify at least one segment on each branch who has a value demand which
matches the company's difference? List what these value demands are.
Looking at this listing in pairs, are all pairs positively coupled as

How do you celebrate or market each of these value demands so that each
segment identifies and experiences them as much of the time as possible?
(Check this exercise in detail with someone else: eg looking at employee
segment - how is their "difference value demand" recruited?
performance-measured? knowledge-shared? invested in? facilitated so they
make competitive advantages out of change?)

Do each of the segments represent word-of-mouth and networking ambassadors
for the company's difference? Do you yourself chat about the difference
and inspire people by it? Does the Board? Is the difference intimately a
part of the way we do things round here?

Are the most costly parts of doing business focused around the difference?
Is the difference SWOTed across every relevant feature prompted by
connections across your company's value map?

Is everyone looking out for competitive or environmental changes which
might make your difference less unique or less valued?

Summarise what you've learnt about answering the question: does your
company 's leadership, Knowledge Management, emotional intelligence and
communal vision truly value an Unique Learning Organisation?


"chris macrae" <wcbn007@easynet.co.uk>

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