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Date: 05/05/02

Replying to LO28402 --

Dear Nath and Rick,

I like to point out the other side of the art of giving and taking an "A".
I think it is another basic question of LOs.

Suppose I want to create a learning community between my company and my
client, a big organization with manufacturing sites over some countries in

I want get an "A" from my client, so I write a "purpose statement" for
launching a dedicated newsletter between the two "sides" of "us", to
facilitate our learning journey, so that we are "empowered" to a LO. And
we just do it.

The process of getting an A might not be a cinch in this case but I
believe I can get an A from my client and my self-expectation.

Well, this is a story for your reference.

Hanching Chung
Taipei, Taiwan

> Replying to LO28392 --
> Thanks everyone for all your feedback, hopefully now ill be able to pick an
> 'A' out of the bag! (yeah right!!) The website
> was very useful indeed!!
> Thanks again!
> Nath (WelshBoy)
> [Host's Note: Thanks to all for the responses to Nath's questions... I
> think such questions, which appear basic, may be on the minds of
> others as well. Nath, with input like this, an "A" is a cinch! ..Rick]


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