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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/07/02

Replying to LO28406 --

Thank you dear At for another inspiring contribution.

I have only a few remarks to add on this topic:

In Hebrew the origin of Shalom is 'shalem' = whole.
Thus the name Jeru-shalem.

> Oh, now I have to understand you differently. In your original
> reply you spelled Conversion which is much different to
> Conversation.

I tried in so many words (including Conversion and later Conversation)
to point at what seems to be a paradox. Now I'm sure that an
auto-spell-checker will not help me in crossing the desert :-)

A small study-group is developping - as I wrote to you and to Dan.
I understand that you're not joining us yet.
We will provide the list with insights if and when relevant.

May God be with you - Alla Maak,

> I think that humankind is now at the end of this dispensation. It
> will have to emerge into an "even higher level of consciousness".
> It will be the next step in
> tools consciousness => information consciousness => WHAT?

A fresh bite from the Apple :-)


Judy Tal <>

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