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Date: 05/07/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Judy Tal <> writes
>Shalom dear At,

Shalom to you too dear Judy,

The Greek word for Shalom is (and I will try to spell it as it ought to be
pronounced "ireenee" expressing the deep longing for it).
>In writing this reply (keeping the dialogue open) I
>would like to express how I appreciate the effort
>you put into your commitment, and at the same
>time I also respect your freedom of choice :-).

There is no greater satisfaction for me when a person becomes
spontaneously committed to authentic learning through my midwivery.
Freedom of choice comes home through authentic learning. Alfred Rheeder
phoned me about an hour ago, telling me how much such freedom of choice
depends on having the free energy to make the right choice and act upon it
all the way. To have enough of this free energy requires authentic

>If it were in my power, I'd like to make you feel free
>to read, look-up or think as you wish :-).

I do so privately, but in public I have to be careful. The world has
become strewn with "mind mines" similar to "land mines". I do not want
anybody to step on such a "mind mine" as a result of my thinking.

>I can tell from your words that "rote mental behaviour"
>is considered by you as the "worst kind of thing" but I
>still can not see what is it that you mean by "rote mental
>behaviour". This makes it difficult for me to proceed :-)
>... if you know what I mean?

I can feel what you mean. With "mental behaviour" itself I mean all the
categories of activities in the mind. If this is not clear enough, think
of the physical brain and the rest of the neurological system. This
physical neurological system of a person sustain all his/her spiritual
activities, i.e. his/her mental behaviour.

The word "rote" refers in English to a mechanical routine. It comes from
the Latin "rota"=wheel. I could also have used the word robotic. The word
robot was created by the playwrighter Karel Capek in his Rossom's
Universal Robots (1921). It comes from the Czech word "robota"=work.
Machines are invented to work like perfect slaves, never asking a
question, never wanting to play, never feeling pain or never to go on
leave for having a baby.

With Rote Mental Behaviour (RMB) I mean that a person gets programmed to
think nothing on own inisiative, but to depend completely on other humans
to control his/her mental activities. Such a person's brain functions like
an electronic computer -- the brain has to be loaded by "software" in
order to become functional. This "brain software" is better know as
information. Such a person will then think of information which exists
outside and knowledge which lives within as one and the same thing. Such a
person will then try to reduce every spiritual activity to information.
Where he/she fails to do it, these spiritual activities will be denied as

Humans with RMB have become the perfect humanoids. SF stories and movies
tell of the quest to create the perfect humanoid -- a robot of bones and
flesh (for the window dreassing) as well as some steel and electronics (as
the support systems) which can act more intelligent and durable than a
human, but which is devoid of the vices of humankind and needs not the
caring for any divine in it.

Well, I have shocking news for you fellow learners, millions of humans are
already very close to such humanoids. The greatest difference is that they
do not carry these support systems of steel (for durability) and
electronics (for intelligence) within their bodies.

You don't believe that you might be one of them? Well, discover it by
experience. Go to any real desert, leave all your external support systems
at its edge and travel through that desert to its other edge relying only
on your own body and mind. Select a desert for which it will take you four
days to cross it. Afterwards, should you have made in on your own as a
creative human, you will know for sure.

>I'll try to articulate the distinction I made between
>Love and Conversation through the dance between them:

Oh, now I have to understand you differently. In your original reply you
spelled Conversion which is much different to Conversation.

>IMHO - when a "Conversation of LOve" ("dialogue"
>for short) picks up the subject of "belief", it plays the
>oldest game in human history (the game that is never
>a game :-).

Judy, a strange thing for me is that we have plenty of archeological
evidence that humans made many kinds of tools tens of millenia ago. But
when we search for archeological evidence that humans wrote and that they
believed (expressed by writings or sculptured idols), such evidence
becomes very scanty and questionable roughly some six to seven millenia
ago. Thus it seems to me that "belief" and "symbolism" emerged together as
the two major properies of a "higher consciousness" than the "tool
consciousness". This higher consciousness is for me to create in the
"world-outside-me" some telling of the "world-outside-me". It is nothing
else but information created by humans.

I think that humankind is now at the end of this dispensation. It will
have to emerge into an "even higher level of consciousness". It will be
the next step in
  tools consciousness => information consciousness => WHAT?

I think that emergence will involve harmonising knowledge which lives
within with tools and information which exist outside. The use of words
like ecology, spirituality and pollution indicates for me how many humans
are already involved in this emergence.

What strikes me particularly is that children are no fools. They speak
with much greater confidence of this "even higher level of consciousness"
because of making sense out of information and tools which adults often
cannot do. It means that they have kernels of this "even higher lecel of
consciousness" which adults do not have in their seven millenia old
"higher consciousness" involving tools and information. How did they
acquire these "WHAT kernels"?

In addition to the computer centre where I work we also have a discovery
centre where many tools of science and technology are displayed and can be
explored by visitors. The visitors range from kids to pensioners. I also
have to help out at the discovery centre when things become too hectic

It is here where I sense best the emergence of a few children and
adolloscents to this "even higher level of consciousness". Their LOve for
a world around them despite its cruelty to them is out of this world. Your
following description remainds me somewhat of them.

>One joins this game with a strong sense of the Self
>(oneself) and carries with him massive ancient
>boundaries of self-definition. Such a (natural)
>approach challenges One's ability to accept the
>"Other" - to truly practice "Otherness", to be
>compassionate ... Sweat and Tears (see, always
>back to step one) ...

Yes, this is how how emergences act. Step one something major emerge. Then
after many steps this major emergence has finally matured. It then takes
step one once again -- a new major emergence.

>At, when you provided me with etymological
>data I become more convinced that my request
>was Foolish - Windbagish :-) We already do it.
>We communicate our beliefs.

Who did it more convincingly that the prophet Elijah at Karmel. Despite
his complete victory he became very afraid and fled to the desert where he
hid himself under a bush. There God had to reach out to him and teach him
a great lesson. Victory is not accomplished by premature thunder,
lightning and earthquake. Victory is to let the soft evening breeze do the
job of healing broken spirits.

>I have no reason to withdraw my request, then
> ... but to keep to it ... keep the /_\ Ep (increase
>in) available.

Yes, do take care of your spiritual free energy because enough of it is
needed for each spiritual emergence. When you need it for an emergence,
then there is not time left any more to import what you need. External
support systems will prove to be worthless.

>PS - I received a few personal mails from felLOws,
>showing interest in such a study-group. The list is still
>open to All :-)

I will try to make a beginning with it in our beloved LO-dialogue. Just
give me time because it has to be done by great care. We have to avoid
this six to seven millenia old "game" of power and control using faith --
a "game" which is never a game ;-) But should someone of you begin in
private with it, that would be even better. Seize upon the "fruitful
moment" for an emergence whenever it presents itself. This is what
fruitfulness ("connect- beget") is about.

With care and best wishes,


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