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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/14/02

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Dear At,

I wondered why I forgot to reply to the meerkat question;-)

Recently all around the world people are quoting the Einstein wisdom of
'levels' for solving problems. In a maybe less well known and perhaps less
saleable ( to turn into a personal treasure map;-) he asks that we may
consider, '- widening our compass;-) of compassion to include all living
things.' (I quote from memory and inserted the 'compass' because in so
doing I open an arc that encompasses heaven on earth itself;-)

I am only replying to this topic now because you mentioned Darwin and my
dear friend Peter Beamish sees in his beloved whales, dolphins et al ( see
his web domain) and 'RBC' a door to understanding something Darwin saw
from his house of horrors;-( but never articulated, a 'Chamber of
Altruism'. It is a place, a sphere that I see men like Christ and St
Francis, women like Mother Theresa and the host of the poor living from.
Their very acts of living, given the bareness of their lives has let me
see how when Jesus said that the poor will always be among us may have
been making a relativist statement, which with a simple compassionate
glance way from self supporting inter-est may mean that, it is the
dignified poor who support the rich and the undignified powerful on earth.

Quite what we;-) shall all do when they relinquish their compassionate
support of us, I dread to imagine. But I expect the scientists,
politicians and business gurus will come up with the answer;-) for us all.
Did I really type that...FOR US ALL?


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