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From: Bob Williams (
Date: 05/13/02

Kia ora,

Forgive the cross posting.

A colleague for a non-profit has just asked for some advice that members
of this list may be able to contribute.

The "boss" of this not-for-profit is soon to retire and all four of the
next level of managers intend to apply for his job. It is a pretty
collaboratively run organisation, so this spins a potential series of
actions and consequences, which my colleague (who is one of the four)
would like to know how to promote and handle.

 1. One of the four gets the job. How do you set the agenda for
discussions between the four about the consequences of this ? What is a
good way of reallocating responsibilities that allow the collaborative
spirit to survive ?

 2. The four enter into a participative design process that allows the
organisation to be run by the team of four. How do you inject this idea
constructively into an organisation, and what collaborative design
processes work well in this setting. The four are sensitive to the need
for one person to be answerable to the parent organization, so a simple
solution such as having a "Gang of 4" would likely not work and might be
seen from the "outside" as unrealistic, etc.

Incidentally, the idea of a "rotating" boss is not a realistic option.




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