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Date: 05/15/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Bob Williams <> writes:

>The "boss" of this not-for-profit is soon to retire
>and all four of the next level of managers intend to
>apply for his job. It is a pretty collaboratively run
>organisation, so this spins a potential series of
>actions and consequences, which my colleague
>(who is one of the four) would like to know how
>to promote and handle.

Greetings dear Bob,

I think your colleague is the wisest among the four. Thus he ought to be
promoted. I think he suspects that he will become the "boss". That is why
he seeks our counceling.

My advice to him is to seek as far as possible the counceling of the other
three managers as well as the new one before making any decision which
will affect them. My advice is also that he alone must take all
responsibility for any decision which he makes after having counceled with

This advice concerns the future, but what about the present?

>How do you set the agenda for discussions
>between the four about the consequences of this?

This is a difficult question to answer because I have too little
information to work from. But I will dare to suggest the following.

Be brave by getting all four together with the present "boss". Spell out
the problem which may develop. Give each of the other four opportunity to
give his/her input so as to avoid the problem from developing. Then give
self own input. Continue with an open dialogue, trying self to be as broad
minded as possible. What will become of this dialogue is what potential
the organisation had in the first place.

With care and best wishes,


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