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Date: 05/16/02

Replying to LO28481 --

>A colleague for a non-profit has just asked for some advice that members
>of this list may be able to contribute....
>1. One of the four gets the job. How do you set the agenda for
>discussions between the four about the consequences of this ? What is a
>good way of reallocating responsibilities that allow the collaborative
>spirit to survive ?...

An interesting delima. Hopefully the other three contenders are equally
interested in maintaining that collaboration.

A couple possibilities (Ok i did 3):
 1. The four meet now and see if they can reach agreement that they all
will support whomever is selected.
 2. If they love the organization, and many in the non-profit world do,
can they subordinate their egos and continue their focus on, "what is good
for the organization?" They will need to maintain that perspective during
their peer group conversations.
 3. Not certain how they would pull this off with the Board (who is
probably responsible for this decision) but what if each of the four rated
the other three on who would be best to lead the organization - it would
be interesting to see if one name comes out tops on all list.

I am certain many of the deep thinkers on this list will have better
insights, but those are my quick hits.

Wish him (her?) good luck.

Michael Bremer
The Cumberland Group


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