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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/18/02

Replying to LO28530 (original subject: "altruism")

Dear Organlearners,

When i read the following lines (by At):

> Just this morning, as went outside at dawn, i heard birds of many
> kinds employing this ESC [thoughts-exchanging JT]. They are so
> excited about the coming new day that they just cannot keep their little
> mouths shut! When my wife gets up, we soon began to talk like them too.
> Its then when our parrot Caru and parakeet Johny begin to join the
> dialogue, trying every human word and bird word in their vocabulary.
> Meanwhile our two German sheppard dogs outside are driving our neighbours
> crazy because they begin to bark at every stranger passing our house. When
> i go to my fish house to feed the fishes, they will also begin to move
> around as soon as they see me. But when i begin to speak to them, they
> begin to dash around as if telling me how happy they are that a new day is
> becoming.

i can identify the creative flow at it's best. And indeed it engages most
ESCs in action:


Four out of five (thought-exchanging, game-playing, exemplar-exploring and
art-expressing) seem obvious to every careful reader, i'd like to spot
light the manifestation of "problem-solving" and "care-taking":

The problem i brought into discussion occurred when i found myself
involved in the preparation of a virtual meeting-place for the NT-Cycle
(New Testament text's learning group), in summarising my experience during
the LO-meeting that Jan organised in Leo's farm (i participated as a
customer, employee :-) and 'me'), in better understanding (via dialogue)
altruism from various view-points, in reading and reflecting on
interesting and challenging issues that felLOw learners bring to the list,
in follow-up with the group that met in MaWhinney's seminar ...

... not to mention any routine engagements ...

What i tried to describe above is a too well known experience and thus it
bears already many names. i prefer "Maxwell's Devil" and at the same time
i pay much attention to the rest :o). (this one was Hampty Dumpty's grin).

At's description, especially the part that i quote above, directed my
thoughts towards a promising lane. This lane might bring me closer to the
solution i.e. how to "forget" all the information that i couldn't pay to
remember (which is a costly and redeems the second law of thermo-
dynamics). The solution that i can now see in my mind (it still has to be
tested in practice :-) is by care-taking.

I assume that At wrote to me with the intention to take care for my
problem - towards possible solutions. Thanks. I do hope (and find this
issue crucial) that you At also benefited from this writing (else
creativity is lost).

At times when i'm engaged in teaching math to children i always work with
them an hour or so in my little garden and then we go and work together
(about the same duration) in the study. Helping me in my garden is the fee
for helping them in theirs :-) this is how they can show (or pay - HD)
appreciation (attention). Care-taking can be seen as an incidence of




Judy Tal <>

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