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From: Fred Nickols (nickols@safe-t.net)
Date: 05/18/02

Responding to At de Lange in LO28464 --

I meant to post this to the list but, as it turns out, I simply hit the
reply key and so sent it only to At.

>Dear Organlearners,
>Fred Nichols < nickols@safe-t.net > writes
> >Thanks for the lead, Rick; I've been on the trail
> >of this baby for several years now.
>Greetings dear Fred,
>Confucius and his followers were fond of making use of 2x2 matrices
>(involving the positive and the negative of two properties) in their wise
>sayings. So I think you might have to go far back to get to the origin
>of this baby.

Thanks At. It would seem that the 2x2 has been a mainstay of thinkers for
a LONG time. It has also been the bread-and-butter of many consulting
firms for a long time too.

>By the way, have you ever considered the possibility that
>"Unconscious Competence" might be another articulation of what
>Michael Polanyi articulated with "tacit knowing"?

No; not until you mentioned it; but, now that you have, I did and I do see
the connection. Would that make "unconscious incompetence" tacit
ignorance? It seems that "conscious competence" would be a fit with
articulable knowledge (i.e., knowledge that is or can be made explicit).
Where would "conscious incompetence" fit? Explicit ignorance?

Hmm. There's a 2x2 for you:

                         Conscious Unconscious

                         Explicit Tacit
Competence Knowledge Knowledge

                         Explicit Tacit
Incompetence Ignorance Ignorance

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Fred Nickols
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