Motivation to Learn when in Despair. LO28549

From: Leroy and Liyun (
Date: 05/19/02

Replying to LO28532 --

I don't pity that family. Not many family has that chance, or i call it
opportunity, to experience the extremes of life. If they are able to
treasure this chance of a lifetime, make full use of it by moulding their
characters to be stronger each day, they will be able to see success in no

Like Benjamin Compton, i came from a middle-income family too. But due to
family disputes with my step-mum, i had to move out to survive on my own.
Limited help by relatives and friends are there but they are never enough.
I had to tackle 4 part-time jobs after school to make ends meet; my school
fees and daily expenses. I gave tuition, work as a receptionist, a Tombola
caller over the wekend and as a waiter in a local disco. I managed to
catch 2 hrs of sleep every day on the bus to school. If i am lucky, I got
to sleep 4 hrs.

Not many have the chance to sleep along the corridor (equavilent to those
sleeping in the parks) or survived on 3-in-1 packet cereals for 7 full
days, 3 meals a day (b'coz i don't even have the money to buy myself a
decent meal). I PUKED out at the last packet of cereals i ate on the
seventh day.

I saw light. It's either i keep struggling on a day-to-day basis and never
know what to expect tomorrow to i plan ahead that very moment. I had saw
my tertiary education as a stepping stone as i was then, studying for a
diploma in electronic and computer engineering course at a local
polytechnic. I know that paper qualification can get me a decent job and
pay off all my debts in 2 years time. I placed that course as my focal
point, all the rest are supporting efforts to it. Even the provety state i
was in, was a learning experience to mould my character to be even
stronger, harder to defeat.

After i graduated from the course, i signed a contract with the military.
I was trained to be a Commission Officer (a childhood ambition since 5
years old). The hardship i'd went through supported me well to pass from
the officer course. I am surviving well now, with even greater opportunity
to learn more things.

One's Destiny can be created by Oneself. He just need to be optimistic
enough to think this is possible.

I've this for that family. It accompanied me through the hardest times in
my younger days:

"Every minute, every second,
    Should always be filled full of hope,
      Just like the Morning Sun."

Greet everyone you meet "Morning!", irregardless of the time of the day.
You will survive through this. I did.

Warmest regards,

Leroy Ang

> We help materially and spiritually where we can. But last night we came to
> the conclusion that despite our support, they live in an environment which
> destroys that support faster than what we can provide. They still try to
> learn how to support themselves in this ghastly situation, but in the end
> it makes no difference. This makes them sliding irreversibly backwards
> deeper into the bog of despair. They are close to the point of giving up
> all hope.


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